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New SpiritComm Portal Device for sale.  Limited Edition! 

Speaker amplification system for use with your spirit box, shack hack or smartphone app.

**Each and every one is Custom Made to order!!! So please allow 2 weeks for build up.


Increase odds of spirit voice response by using a high-quality speaker amp system! 

This unique component is Designed and Custom made by Joe Campbell at Gotcha Ghost made available for a short time for our customers here at Ghost Outlet. No two are alike, but each one houses the same carefully selected components that are conducive to spirit communication.

The internal electronics create an environment that encourages spirit communication by allowing easy access for thought transference.

Joe has taken the time to find the correct components and methods to develop this device. It uses your existing SB7 or Shack Hack sweeping radio just like The Portal but in an attractive unique antique radio housing. 

The device appears to encourage spirit communication and even captures a variety of EM fields; converting them to audio.

Record your sessions on audio or video.

Note: Caution should be used when attempting contact with spirit

Remember Allow 2 weeks for shipping! This device is heavy so shipping charges will be higher than normal.


Weight 4 lbs

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