REM PRO Device – PLUS “Child-friendly” Musical Mode



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Paranormal Ghost Hunting New Device – With the “(Musical Mode)” switch

These are Made to order and can take 2 -10 days to ship. Back order means we will put in a build request to engineer and as soon as completed ship you the brand new made device. We do not carry these in stock, MADE TO ORDER. 


We are offering this at a deeply discounted price: Device works exactly the same however you save as other REM type devices. This is the REM PRO – Developed by Ghostwarepro.

This New Paranormal investigation device features a mini telescopic antenna that detects energy, which then activates the LED lights to react based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion. Four colorful LARGE LED lights are sequentially illuminated to display the level of EM surrounding the Antenna. Above and beyond the basic REM device which has the basic fluctuating buzzing indicators, this device also has a musical “child-friendly” mode to play musical notes progressing one octave higher each time the EM field increases. A must have for investigators investigating locations with child spirits for interactive play and communication.

Designed Exclusively by and for Professional Paranormal Investigators. We use our devices on every investigation with AMAZING results Antenna Detects Energy Disturbances & Fluctuations around the Antenna Musical “(Mode)” plays musical notes as the Energy detected by antenna gets stronger Displays the Field Disturbance Using Multi-Colored LARGE LED Lights and Audible Tones

*these items are hand built please allow 5-10 business days to be completed and ship. If we can ship sooner we will let you know. All depends on stock the engineer has premade or how many are in line to be built.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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