P-SB7-FP Flexible Faraday Cage Pouch

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Flexible Faraday Cage Pouch For Your P-SB7 Spirit Box

SB7-FP Flexible Faraday Cage Pouch Shields Out Voice and Music During Your Sweep Sessions

Designed by DAS this flexible pouch was created to specifically shield your P-SB7 from receiving AM / FM music and talk radio signals. By positioning the P-SB7 at different locations within the Faraday Cage pouch, you can block ALL or portions of strong AM/FM channels. The SB7-FP Faraday Pouch is big enough to hold (1) P-SB7 and an amplified speaker as large an Altec Lansing, like the one Zak uses on Ghost Adventures. Can also be used for other “Ghost Boxes” and EVP recorders.

This accessory is perfect for the serious Spirit Box user because it will allow them to experiment by attenuating and “tweaking” the radio frequency reception during their sessions.


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