Mel-8704R-REM-500-ATDD EMF



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Mel-8704R-REM-ATDD (500) EMF, Temperature, Radiating EMF Antenna, Hot & Cold Spot Alarm. Flashlight, Glow Buttons NEW UPDATED VERSION.

*The Mel 500 was updated in 2018 and now includes adjustable sensitivity with 6 LED’s and a manual zero. The older model did not have these features. The ATDD circuit is basically the same.

In Black Casing!  Item is made to order. Please allow about 5 days for shipping.

Same basic features as the Pro-Navigator (detecting AC/DC EMF & ambient Temperature changes in the environment) but this version uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent Magnetic Field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion…(6) Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular ATDD Hot and Cold Spot detection Audible Alarm circuit. This new feature is intended to further help promote and advance Paranormal research.

Basic Mel Specifications

  • Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously!
  • EMF “Burst” Mode Feature for Tracking Dynamic EMF movement
  • Measurement Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 uTesla
  • 200, 2000, 20,000 mGauss
  • Super Bright Custom Red “Night view” Display with On/Off Button
  • Built-in Red IR Safe Flashlight
  • Fast Response Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
  • Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values
  • Tripod mountable
  • 6 LED Lights

Note: This Instrument was developed specifically for the Paranormal Challenge TV show.

**The mel pictured here is an older model, not the exact representation of the new 2018 model which has 6 leds (2 more then the original model which was the mel 200) and slightly different and improved features. You will receive the latest model with the 6 leds and improved features. We only sell and carry the most recent, latest model from the manufacturer. This guarantees you get the latest most up to date model.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in