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Equipment or Product

If you have an issue or question about a particular device you don’t see here, please contact us. We will work with you and the manufacturer to replace or repair the product based on manufacturers warranty.


Batteries – It is important to be careful putting batteries in and taking them out. The contact springs can bend or break if too much pressure is applied or you yank the batteries out. Misuse will void the warranty. ALWAYS use fresh batteries and DO NOT USE rechargeable batteries or cheap batteries. DO NOT KEEP BATTERIES IN UNIT WHEN NOT USING. THEY WILL DRAIN.

Power up – Hold the power button down for 3+ seconds to turn it on, and the same to turn it off.

Volume – The SB7 has a built-in speaker, to adjust volume you must increase the volume before putting into sweep mode. Once in sweep mode, you cannot increase or adjust the volume. Increase volume first.

External Speaker – It is suggested to attach an external speaker to the device especially when using AM frequencies. In larger rooms, the internal speaker is not powerful enough to fill the room also when recording sessions a good external speaker will help you capture and document better audio sessions. I use an altec orbit speaker or JBL flip 2.

Settings – Since this is an experimental ITC research device it is up to you to decide which settings work best for you. I use 150 to 250 in FM mode and 250 in AM mode for my results. I prefer lately AM mode, however, have had success as well in FM mode. I highly suggest you experiment with both.

Recording – Use a good recorder to record your sessions. The SB7 does not have recording capabilities.

Placement – The SB7 can be held in your hand or placed on a table or flat surface. There is a wire arm in the back that can be opened to hold the SB7 in a slightly upright position. I have found it best to hold an external speaker or place the external speaker at least 2-4 feet away from the SB7.

Antenna – Some researchers have removed the antenna and experimented with the device that way. While we have yet to try that, we do not recommend it as the manufacturer will not warrant the device if the antenna has been removed and we cannot accept any returns if the antenna has been removed or product damaged due to its removal.

Rattling – Rattling may occur on some SB7 models. This means the AM coil is sliding along the track. This is not a defect. This is an added benefit that will allow reception to change depending on the positioning of the unit. It is not advisable to shake the units, only gently adjust the coil by a slight movement, positioning or stance.

SB7 things to keep in mind by Chris Fleming

Refer to this document: SB7 Handbook for ITC Use (PDF File 2.0 Written in 2010)

To All ITC researchers and users of the Spirit Box P-SB7

Since I first introduced the Spirit Box on Ghost Adventures Live, I have discovered some interesting responses on three-four different levels. Some of you may be familiar with this, while others this may be new. I have been meaning to discuss this for years, as Gary Galka and myself have discussed the different levels of sound frequencies being received and how we are receiving more signals then the public is familiar with.

I am breaking this down to three “known” levels and one “unknown” level. Meaning during a Spirit Box session there are 4 ways you can receive responses in playback of your recorded session.

It is important to record your Spirit Box session with a High-Quality digital recorder. I use a H4n Zoom and playback on a high-quality audio program.

3 “Known” Levels of Responses during the recording and playback of a spirit box session.

  1. EVPs recorded /captured outside the SB7 in the EM field in-between the spirit box and the recorder.
  2. DRVP (direct radio voice phenomena) Responses from the spirit box that we hear and respond to.
  3. DRVP NOISE responses we don’t normally hear, but during filtering, they are there in the white noise. Using the white noise and sweep sounds to deliver complete statements and sentences either with comments of conversation amongst themselves or in response to our questions or directed to us.

Unknown Level of Response


During playback on audio software and during the filtering of noise reduction there are sometimes responses that can only be heard during this process and vary depending on levels set. On one setting it cannot be heard, on another, it can. By moving the levers it can be isolated and saved at that level. These hidden messages (clearly not pareidolia) seem to be on a frequency we don’t hear at first and could be considered similar to radio frequencies in that they can only be heard if “tuned into” meaning conversation is always going on around us, we just have to find it.

Think of it this way…A radio receives hundreds of broadcasts at one time, yet you are only tuning into one at a time. During the sweep you sweep through these channels, you may hear a few responses….yet on playback how can it be that during filtering there are complete sentences and statements as well as conversations after the fact? Not possible for it to be radio signals since it is never on one channel, but possible if one believes in the transference of conscious thought and the possibility to record it. Add to the results as responses about the session and having to do with questions, you have a CB like device. Yet to be fully understood, the device and recording of sessions need to be developed further to be perfectly clear in its reception and identification of these messages as these messages in this level vary in grading from B grade to C grade in comparison to the EVP grading scale of A-C.

Keep this in mind during your spirit box sessions that there are not just one, but 4 levels of communication going on.

That means I just added on more time and weeks more to your spirit box analysis sessions. But, the results are there adding to the validation of life after death.

-Chris Fleming

Product Support

Returns on a defect or malfunctioning unit / Problems with the SB7 or the SB11?

If problems are persistent and have not been solved by following the above. Please contact DAS. All Spirit boxes have a one year warranty. Does not cover the antenna. If the device is malfunctioning. Please contact the engineer/manufacturer at the following email. They are now requesting all defects and malfunctioning units be returned directly to them for either repair or replacement.

Let them know your purchase date and that you purchased it from Ghost Outlet.

email their support department:

They will normally respond within 1 business day, except holidays.

DAS Warranty covers all manufacturer defects- REM PODS, SB7, SB11, RTEVP and Mel Meters.

Manufacturer Warranty Policy & Procedure for P-SB7

Coverage: This warranty covers all manufacturer defects.

The manufacturer warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and will cover the repair or replacement of your device. When a device is sent to DAS Distribution, Inc. under the warranty, an initial repair will be attempted, however, if a repair is not possible or if a product fails, a replacement device will be sent to you.

The 12-month manufacturer warranty does not cover damage due to customer abuse or misuse (i.e., broken antennas, pulled out antennas, water damage, dropped devices, etc…) Due to the fact that certain conditions are not covered by warranty, a labor fee may be applied.

Shipping: In the event of a warranty repair or replacement, the customer is responsible for shipping fees incurred when shipping back to DAS. After the repair or replacement is complete, DAS will ship the device back to you via standard shipping free of charge. If the customer chooses expedited shipping, that fee will be at the expense of the customer.

If the repair does not fall under the 12-month warranty, shipping fees to and from DAS will be at the customer’s expense.


The Rem-Pod utilizes a mini telescopic antenna to radiate an independent EM field around the device.  It is believed that Spirit energy can manipulate, distort, and influence such an EM field.  To activate the REM feature, simply extend the antenna located on top of the device.  Next, activate the power with the slide switch located next to the 9vdc battery.  The four (4) LEDs will blink twice as they go through their diagnostic routine which verifies the system is working correctly.  To test the EM field, move your hand close, and then touch the antenna.  All lights will be illuminated as the EM field is interrupted.  There is also a specific tone associated with each LED.  It is important to note that there could be some interference of the EM field when the Rem-Pod is within a certain proximity of fluorescent lights or highly conductive materials.  Also, be aware that once the REM power has been activated, it will remain powered until you turn it OFF.  Be sure to turn it OFF when not in use to preserve your battery power.  The sensitivity of the REM field can be controlled by changing the extension of the mini telescopic antenna.  If the first LED is activated with no disturbance present, simply retract the antenna until the LED stays OFF.

No Warranty if Antenna is bent or broken however DAS (the manufacturer) does offer repair. Email their support department:

They will normally respond within 1 business day, except holidays.

Other equipment not mentioned here

Please contact us, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.