Shipping Policy

  • We attempt to process all orders in 12-48 hours
  • We ship the majority of items USPS Priority mail 2-3 days ( all equipment) Domestic only – Delivery confirmation included. Insurance is extra.
  • Standard USPS shipping can take 3-7 business days
  • We may choose USPS instead of UPS as a shipping method if the cost is cheaper to send than you selected but will arrive either quicker or in the same amount of time.  UPS packages have to be taken directly to the UPS center or we are charged additional fees for pick up which may go above the cost you paid for shipping, postage, and delivery.
  • UPS larger orders will be shipped UPS (large equipment orders) *UPS Does Not include Saturday & Sunday as a business day. So if you order something on a Friday it would be shipped on Monday. (Note: in the rare event I am out of town the order will go out the following day of my return).
  • Delivery – We cannot guarantee where or how the postal carrier delivers your package. Any requests such as “leave at front door”, “place on back door porch”, “give to neighbor”, “ring doorbell”, “call me when it is delivered”, “beware of dog” (JK) or any similar requests cannot be honored as “we have no control over what the postal carrier can or will do”. This response comes directly from the USPS office. Priority mail is normally put in your mailbox or at the front door unless you request “signature authorization” or other means of security. I will sometimes write your request on the box in marker, but please know that GHOST OUTLET takes no responsibility on where or how the USPS carrier delivers your mail and is not responsible or liable for delivery of your item once it has been given to and scanned by USPS for shipping to your address. Please use your tracking number to track and locate your package.

International Shipping – Custom Charges, Duties, taxes and fees.

Besides the shipping charge to your country:  You will have to pay some combination of duties, taxes, and fees which are based on a number of factors for most international shipments. Ghost Outlet does not charge you for this during the cart transaction. This will be calculated and charged by customs in your country and or your post office during receipt and delivery. 

      • Duties: Also called tariffs, customs duties are imposed by most countries on most items entering the country.
      • They vary widely not only by country, but by where the shipment originated, what it contains, its intended use, and its value. Be sure to understand the relevant duties for the country you are in before you order. 
      • Taxes: Many countries charge a Value Added Tax (VAT) or a General Sales Tax (GST)—in addition to customs duties—that can depend on all the same variables applied under a separate set of rules. Be sure to understand how these taxes apply to your products.
      • Fees: Some countries apply separate fees to cover the costs of moving your product through the customs clearance process. The USPS® and all carriers also independently impose their own flat-rate fees—which vary country by country—for facilitating the process.
    • Shipping costs: There’s no escaping the fact that international shipping costs are high and increasing, especially for heavier items and quicker/more trackable delivery methods. So please keep in mind “in addition” the duties, taxes, and fees, you may have to pay in your country upon delivery. 

Standard Return Policy

It is our standard policy to accept return merchandise within 2 weeks of the order date. To be eligible for return, the merchandise and contents of the box must be in the original unopened box. If the contents have been removed, used or altered in any way and then placed back into the box, the merchandise may not be returned to us.  However, we do make some exceptions up to 90 days as long as everything is in original condition with no marks, scratches and in original “complete” product packaging. If you have merchandise which is unopened or in the original package, we will issue you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and will give you an address to ship the product to. Return shipping to us is at your expense unless the return is a result of our shipping error at which point we will rectify the problem promptly without expense to you. We cannot do exchanges for a newer item, so please purchase with care. We will impose a 15% restocking fee if it is determined that the item has been opened or returned to us without an RMA, or will be returned back to the customer. Any item shipped FREE that is sent back to us within the 2 week return period, will incur a 15% restocking fee. All returns within the 2 week period will receive refund of the item, plus any tax paid, minus shipping costs. We cannot issue a refund if the product is damaged in any way or over 90 days. Any merchandise that proves to be defective will be covered by the Manufacturers standard Warranty Policy and will be replaced or repaired. Contact us and we will be happy to refer you to the proper customer service personnel to help you resolve your claim or issue. Email us at info@GhostOutlet.comSales orders, T-shirts, and modified or Limited items are non-returnable.

RMA: Return Merchandise Authorization Form

After you have spoken with us, please print out, complete and include this form for any and all returns. This will help us keep better track of any return. Thank you. RMA FORM