Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Important INFO listed here.

Q: How do I know your company is legit? Well for starters, we have been around since 2006 and served over 20,000+ customers worldwide. I am the owner of this company and have appeared on many TV programs introducing “the direct response method” with the K-II meter and am the co-creator of the Spirit Box P-SB7 with Gary Galka. I do actual research and testing. Most of the devices I sell I have used personally at events, in the field, and on TV. Ask my colleagues or those who know me. I do my best to offer the best service in this industry. For you are the customer!

Q: Do you ship worldwide?  Yes, we do. Except for a few places where we have dealt with fraud. Most countries except Turkey, Iraq, and India. Please read International Shipping Charges on our Shipping page in regards to Custom duties, taxes and fees you may or may not be charged.

Q: How long does it take to get my order?  We ship in-stock orders (unless specified) in 12-24 hours Priority 1-3 day USPS mail. Modified or special unique devices will take longer as they have to be modified or prepared by our engineers for dropship. Our engineers are out of state and work out of their own workshops. They will ship directly to you, as to which we will forward tracking once your item is complete and ships. Any drop ship items will take standard 2-7 days from the supplier.

Store Policies

First Time Customer: Welcome and A Few Words of Confidence

Thank you for choosing Ghost Outlet to place your order. I understand that it can be scary ordering online and you may be concerned if we are a real company and not some scam. No credit card information is stored on our website, it is secure under the PayPal Credit Card system, which we have a 5 star rating out of 5 stars. They are the only ones who handle the credit card info. You can verify us by calling Paypal directly. We have been with them for over 15 years.

Login Troubles?

If you are having problems logging in, make sure you have the correct email address used for your account. You can also click forgot the password and you will get a new password sent to your email address. In the past customers where not able to log into their new account because they mistyped their password when they registered and we have had to go in and change it. Please make sure to double check what you input when registering or ordering.

Orders, Pre-Orders & Back Orders

Orders: When you place an order you will get a “success” email stating your order went through and your payment was accepted. Your order will remain in “Process” status until it is filled and shipped. Once we have shipped your item it will update status to “shipped.” At this time you will also receive a delivery tracking confirmation email from USPS. So please check your email or junk mail folder for the tracking number when your order is in “shipped” status. For pre-orders and back orders your status will stay in “process” mode until your item ships. Your “success” email will state that we have received your order. Read more about pre-orders and backorders below.

All orders are in stock unless noted. If we run out, which we usually do to high demand, the stock will show “0”.

If by chance multiple orders come in and we run out of an item and your order cannot be filled we will notify you.

Pre-Orders: Manufacturers sometimes offer us pre-sales on new and upcoming items. When they occur we offer you a pre-order which allows you to buy a product before we receive it. When we offer pre-orders we only offer a limited amount of units that can be sold on a first come first reserved basis. You order and make payment. When the item arrives we ship it to you, not before. It is important to be patient and understand we are at the mercy of the manufacturer. We have always received our product, but should an unforeseen problem occur where we won’t receive the merchandise we will refund 100% of your money. Note on pre-orders there can be anywhere from a week to a month before the item arrives. In any case, we will post the expected date we plan to receive and ship the item with that product in the store. Any changes or updates will be posted there as well. DO NOT PRE-ORDER if you are looking to receive the item before the expected shipping date. On occasion, manufacturers may run behind and the date may change. We have the right to change and post the date if this does occur. No refunds on pre-orders unless you receive the product and it is defective.

Back Orders: If we run out of any item we will place your order on back order and let you know the shipping date. We usually have items in stock, but should we run low we place orders with our manufacturers right away. What sometimes happens is items are out of stock with the manufacturer as well and we have to wait until new units are produced, this can cause a delay from a few days to a month. We will notify you should this occur as well as post in the store for that item. IF you ordered a BACK ORDERED item please understand you will not get an email regarding updates. Your purchase will remain in “processing” until we get the shipment in. Once we receive back orders from our manufacturer we will package and ship item out and your order will change to SHIPPED. You can follow status on our main page under UPDATES or in the product section for that item, where we will post updates as well. Also, you can log in and check your account for that order. Any back ordered an item that is purchased upfront takes full acknowledgment of this. No refunds on back orders until you receive the product as purchased. If it is defective we will replace or refund your money based on the warranty.

New Items: We tend to get new items from engineers and manufacturers before anyone else. When this occurs we will let you know when these new items may be available after we test them and find out the retail prices.

Orders Not Going Through – Error Codes

Order not go through or double billed? When filling out your information during your order it is important to make sure that you type in all the correct info. Your billing address must be the same exact billing address on the credit card or account you are using for payment. Also, make sure you type in the correct CC number and CSV code. Typing in your correct email address is just as important. Numerous times people mistakingly mistype info and their order doesn’t go through. What happens is it gets sent to the bank, the bank declines it, but the payment goes into a pending status with the bank until it is batched out. This usually can take 24-48 hours.  As a merchant, we receive no payment. We cant the order was declined because the information did not match what they have on file. So if you think that you were double charged, what actually happens is you weren’t. Your bank holds the money until they check it and realize that no money was transmitted. The only way we would receive money twice is if your order was correctly inputted twice and it was accepted by your bank twice. You would receive a confirmation “success” email from ghost outlet twice if the order went through twice. Then you would be double charged. What happens a lot is a customer mistypes info and submits order, the bank declines, sends us no payment, we get a decline status from the bank, you get no confirmation of your order going through (because it was declined), yet the bank holds the money for a short period of time until they batch it out of their system. They hold it to verify the information. Once they verify that it was declined and no money was sent out, the money they were holding is no longer held and put back into your account by the bank, not us. Frustrating, I know, but nothing we can do as some banks (not all) run this kind of system. Any transaction that occurs and is accepted (not declined) happens automatically and money is transferred within seconds and no more than a minute. You receive a success email from us that your order went through. If you do not receive one, then you are not charged. Your bank may or may not put the decline into a pending status, if it goes into a pending status they will hold your money until they release it. Nothing we can do to expedite this, nor can they release it and send it to us. If the initial order is declined, then it is declined you have to order again with the correct information. We use Paypal Pro who handles all money, credit card, and debit transactions. By law, they cannot allow payment to be transferred if your bank declines it based on mistyped or inaccurate information. The only thing you can do is call your bank and ask them when they will release the “pending” charge since it did not go through and was declined.

PayPal Error Codes during an order

You can check the Full Paypal API error codes here. Codes we normally see:

PayPal Error 10505 – Gateway Declined: This transaction cannot be processed.  The transaction was refused because the AVS response returned the value of N, and the merchant account is not able to accept such transactions.

Fix: Enter correct billing zip code & click the Process button.

PayPal Error 15005: This transaction cannot be processed.  The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal.

Fix: Use another form of authorized payment (ie: credit card, cash or check) and input proper shipping and billing address associated with the account.

The usual decline error code we have been seeing is 10505 or 15005 Gateway Decline: This means the info did not match up and the bank refused the transaction.

10505 Gateway Decline This transaction cannot be processed. The transaction was refused because the AVS response returned the value of N, and the merchant account is not able to accept such transactions.
15005 Processor Decline This transaction cannot be processed. The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal. The merchant should attempt another card.


Payments are processed via Website Payment Pro in Paypal. We accept Credit Cards such as Visa, MC, Amex Express and Discover. We also use Paypal. We do not accept money orders or personal checks nor Walmart Debit Cards (Paypal Issue).  A PayPal account is not needed to purchase from our store. Charges will show up on your CC or PayPal account as “GhostOutlet”.

Sales Tax

We are required by law to collect 8.75% Illinois States Sales Tax on all orders that ship to destinations within Illinois. Orders shipped anywhere else in the United States are not subject to tax.

Unconfirmed or Unverified orders

Any orders that are unconfirmed or unverified by Paypal Pro (the payment system we use that accepts all forms of payments and credit cards) may be declined or refused unless the information can be verified. Due to heavy online credit card fraud, usually as an unauthorized charge, this flags may cause a delay in your order. We need to verify and check any and all information before we ship. If we do ship we may at our decision require a verified signature. This ensures the package is received by the intended recipient. It is the buyer’s responsibility to supply and verify information to support their order when necessary. Any order refused by the buyer and sent back will be refunded minus any shipping costs. You agree to supply us verified information during your time of order. We will not ship to commercial properties, addresses not associated with your order or billing info and we will not ship to PO boxes unless they can be verified. ALL INFORMATION IN YOUR CUSTOMER ACCOUNT MUST BE VERIFIABLE. Any orders with phone numbers or emails that cannot be verified will be refused. This procedure is customary with Paypal and its retail sellers. We will not have USPS or UPS leave packages at any address without a signature on any unconfirmed or unverifiable order.

Fraudulent Charge Or Didn’t Recognize the Charge On Your Credit Card?

If you do not recognize the charge on your credit card from Ghost Outlet then please first ask someone in the family if they placed an order. Email us or give us a call. 75% of the time we have found someone else in the family has made the charge. If this is not the case we will work with you and your credit card company to get resolved.

Shipping Policy

  • We attempt to process all orders in 24 hours
  • Standard shipping 3-7 business days
  • USPS Priority mail 2-3 days ( all equipment) Domestic only – Delivery confirmation included. Insurance is extra.
  • We may choose USPS instead of UPS as a shipping method if the cost is cheaper to send then you selected, but will arrive either quicker or in the same amount of time as UPS packages have to be taken directly to the UPS center or we are charged additional fees for pick up which may go above the cost you paid for shipping, postage, and delivery.
  • UPS larger orders will be shipped UPS (large equipment orders) * UPS Does Not include Saturday & Sunday as a business day. So if you order something on a Friday it would be shipped on Monday. (Note: in the rare event I am out of town the order will go out the following day of my return).
  • Delivery – We cannot guarantee where or how the postal carrier delivers your package. Any requests such as “leave at front door”, “place on back door porch”, “give to neighbor”, “ring doorbell”, “call me when it is delivered”, “beware of dog” (JK) or any similar requests cannot be honored as “we have no control over what the postal carrier can or will do”. This response comes directly from the USPS office. Priority mail is normally put in your mail box or at the front door unless you request “signature authorization” or other means of security. I will sometimes write your request on the box in marker, but please know that GHOST OUTLET takes no responsibility on where or how the USPS carrier delivers your mail and is not responsible or liable for delivery of your item once it has been given to and scanned by USPS for shipping to your address. Please use your tracking number to track and locate your package.

Standard Return Policy

It is our standard policy to accept return merchandise within 2 weeks of the order date. To be eligible for return, the merchandise and contents of the box must be in the original unopened box. If the contents have been removed, used or altered in any way and then placed back into the box, the merchandise may not be returned to us.  However, we do make some exceptions up to 90 days as long as everything is in original condition with no marks, scratches and in original “complete” purchase packaging. If you have merchandise which is unopened or in the original package, we will issue you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) and will give you an address to ship the product to. Return shipping to us is at your expense unless the return is a result of our shipping error at which point we will rectify the problem promptly without expense to you. We cannot do exchanges for a newer item, so purchase with care. We will impose a 15% restocking fee if it is determined that the item has been used. A product that is returned to us without an RMA, will be returned back to the customer. Any item shipped FREE that is sent back to us within the 2 week return period, will incur a 15% restocking fee. All returns within the 2 week period will receive full refund of the item, plus any tax paid, minus shipping costs. We cannot issue a refund if the product is damaged in any way or over 90 days. Any merchandise that proves to be defective will be covered by the Manufacturers standard Warranty Policy and will be replaced or repaired. Contact us and we will be happy to refer you to the proper customer service personnel to help you resolve your claim. Contact us using this form or email us at Sales orders, T-shirts, and Limited items are non-returnable.


Our suppliers warrant their products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days to 1 year from the date of purchase (depending on manufacturer – DAS 1 Year) and agree to repair or replace any defective unit without charge. If you have a model that has since been discontinued, an equivalent product will be substituted “if available.” This warranty does not cover Batteries, PH probes, antennas, coils or damage resulting from accident, misuse, normal wear or tear, or abuse of the product. Warranty may vary on certain items. Please check the product instructions for warranty specifics (included in items sold). In certain instances, we may assist customers with returns/repairs and will do our best to assist you. Antennas on any device are not covered by warranty and in some cases cannot be fixed.

PLEASE NOTE: All products created by Digital Dowsing and DAS must be returned directly to them for repair or replacement. They no longer allow retailers to make returns or requests. Please review the return info in our Tech Support Page for those manufacturers after you have attempted any resets or manufacturer recommendations or contact us for direction.

IMPORTANT: Any device purchased by Buyer from this website or in person at conventions, expos or events that has been damaged, tampered with including but not limited to attempting to remove covers, plates or panels or taking apart and trying to alter, modify or fix without verifiable written permission from manufacturer will VOID warranty and be non-replaceable and/or non-refundable. No exceptions! Any purchase from Ghost Outlet accepts and understands this responsibility. Tamper or modify devices at your own risk.

In order to obtain warranty service (Per manufacturer), simply contact me discussing the problem and product. I will direct you to the appropriate person who can handle your issue so we can get it resolved as soon as possible.

In order to obtain warranty service, simply ship the unit, postage prepaid to Ghost Outlet

The defective unit return (We cannot accept Digital Dowsing Products or DAS Products) must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization number, description of the problem, invoice showing the date of purchase, and your return address and contact information filled out on the form. Customers who are located outside the U.S.A. are responsible for all related shipping charges, duty, and customs charges.  Refunds please see our Standard Return policies. Customers within the U.S.A. are responsible for shipping expenses to Ghost Outlet or directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

An RMA form (below) must be completed and accompany all international and domestic returns or warranties whether to the manufacturer or to us. Use your invoice/order number for the RMA number. Failure to include this document will delay or void refund.

Return Merchandise Authorization Form

After you have spoken with us, please complete this form for any return: Return Merchandise Authorization Form

Please send an email to our site if you have any questions. Email us at

International Orders Regarding

Returns or Warranty: Any international order where there is a warranty or replacement issue, our manufacturers will not allow any direct cross ship return to them due to costs and duties. Any device or product that is defective or in need of replacement must be shipped back to us at your expense. We will ship you a replacement and cover the cost to ship to you, but not the cost of you shipping the product back to us. This is very standard regarding international orders with most retailers due to the high costs shipping internationally. Otherwise, we would not offer any products internationally. Our manufacturers will not reimburse our costs to do so. Please note we will have to send the product at our expense to them for repair or replacement for our stock, and then ship to you (at our cost again) the replacement. Your purchase of any product from our website agrees to this policy that you may incur a cost to ship any product back to us for replacement or repair.

Our Rights to Sell

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to any customer for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel any customers order for any reason. In either case, the customer will be notified and if charged, will receive appropriate credit. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any product ordered. While we do keep everything in stock, in the event we run out of stock your order will be placed on back order and you will be notified. However, should a product become discontinued we will notify you and refund your money if you are not interested in a substitute.

Reviews and Testimonies

We value your business and hope for you to be a life-long customer. After you receive your purchase please let our future customers know and take the time to leave a review on the product you purchased. We greatly appreciate it.