Welcome to Ghost Outlet!

If this is your first time visiting this brand new site, “Welcome!”

My name is Chris Fleming, the owner of GhostOutlet.com (started in 1997 under Unknownmag.com and renamed Ghost Outlet in 2006)  and Ghost Outlet on eBay (Strong since 1999). Thank you for visiting!

Little back ground to how I started Ghost Outlet;

Since I captured my first EVP in 1976 on a reel to reel recorder in a house haunted by ghosts and strange phenomena, I have been fascinated by evidence (data) that supports the existence and interaction of a paranormal realm. During the 1970’s, friends, family members and myself experienced ghostly phenomena seeing and interacting with the spirits haunting our home on Park Lane. In the late 1990’s I published a magazine for 4 years called “Unknown Magazine- Real Experiences of Strange and Unusual Phenomena” and launched the website in 1997. In 2003 I began my adventure taking my passion and interest further onto TV with the series “Dead Famous” investigating celebrity ghost sightings. Since then I have been contributing to Paranormal TV on such programs as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Psychic Kids and more! The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2006 my website began to evolve from a few items and magazines, to a full fledged online store selling mostly ghost hunting equipment. I cannot tell you how many times I was asked: “where do I get this piece of equipment…do you carry that?” So I decided to evolve the store with the world of paranormal technology. From the K-II meter, the spirit box (SB7) and the Ovilus series. GhostOutlet.com, named in 2006, has gone through a lot of changes and upgrades. Our latest update in October 2017 is a complete rebuild and mobile friendly.

We will continue to add the latest and best equipment out there. We work with a handful of engineers who are constantly finding better modifications and use of technology for this field.  Occasionally we will offer specials on “used” equipment for those on a budget. We do not carry every piece of equipment out there. Why? Because we want to carry the best and most useful equipment. We stay away from equipment that either is a copy of something we already carry, or a waste of time or money because it may not be effective in the field. There are a lot of devices out there that have no data or evidence to support their claims. We sell equipment that has been tested out in the field. Our customers want to spend their hard earned money on quality and results! If there is a piece of equipment you truly like, and we don’t carry it – please, let us know. I will look into it, test it and possibly carry it on Ghost Outlet!  Word of mouth and sharing each other’s results is what this field is all about.

Ghost Outlet also has a branding section that we will be testing and moving around interesting products.  Branded T-shirts, autographs, collectibles, rare and fun products, etc. Keep watching for new items!

I have a sister store on eBay called Ghost Outlet Warehouse. It is the counterpart of Ghost Outlet. On eBay we sell “some” ghost hunting equipment, but mostly rare, hard to find vintage and limited edition pop culture collectibles. Things I have collected and been interested in during the past 40+ years! Check it out!

Please, stop by frequently. I am not only a believer and an investigator but also a fan of the paranormal and pop culture field.

Validation of the spirit world has always been a huge part of my life so thank you for supporting my lifelong research into the Unknown!

-Chris Fleming
Paranormal Investigator and Researcher since the 1970’s.